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2017 the Gathering at Keystone College


The Gathering
at Keystone College


July 14-16, 2017

“Finding the Better Angels of Our Nature”


This year at The Gathering at Keystone College, we will explore ways of finding common ground among bitter rivals.  Ideological differences in religion, politics, ethics, race, and the arts and sciences have deeply divided Americans and have come to characterize our culture.  Our aim is to find ways to restore respect and acceptance among us and to reconnect with the best ideals of our country.


What is The Gathering at Keystone College?

The Gathering at Keystone College is an annual three-day symposium on creativity and imagination featuring performances, lectures, discussions, and workshops. People from diverse backgrounds meet to explore the creative spirit that permeates science, literature, and the arts around the world. (read more…)

The humanities – it’s what The Gathering is all about .

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The Gathering has lost a wonderful friend:

We’re very sad to report that Nancy Willard died Feb. 19. Nancy was with us in 2010, along with Gregory Maguire (also a friend of Nancy’s) and Salman Rushdie. The world has given up a kind and generous teacher, a brilliant poet, and a great star.

The Gathering was featured on WVIA's Stay Tuned!

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