The Gathering
at Keystone College


Dear Friends of The Gathering:

Thank you so much for embarking with us on the great 13-year adventure of The Gathering at Keystone College. Our 2019 program “Refugees and Immigrants: Who Are They and Who Am I?” was our last Hurrah!

It’s been our great honor and joy to plan and present programs that have challenged our gray matter, touched our hearts, and tickled our funny bones — from Salman Rushdie, Gregory Maguire, and Billy Collins to Ilya Kaminsky, Katherine Paterson, the inimitable Cathcart and Klein, Martine Rothblatt, and Milad Yousufi. Perhaps the greatest joy of all was meeting you: our donors, presenters, planners, participants, and supporters. Together we have laughed and danced to African drums, run with sheep, built our own homeless shelters, written and told our stories, held hands around the hall, sung ballads, read poems, listened to a slave narrative, and watched Tibetan monks build an exquisite sand mandala, then sweep it into the creek that runs through campus. We have stayed up late and talked about the world’s surprises and miracles and tragedies over wine and nuts, cheese, and blueberries.

We invite you to post your memories and photos on The Gathering Facebook page or here on The Gathering blog.

Thank you all for joining us.

Suzanne Staples, Charlotte Ravaioli, and Team G