Tim Grimm is an actor, musician, and song writer. After earning an MFA in theater at The University of Michigan, he worked in regional theater in Chicago. He began to write and perform folk songs, and after releasing two cds embarked on an acting career in Los Angeles. He co-starred in the NBC drama Reasonable Doubts, performed with Harrison Ford in A Clear and Present Danger, and in several other productions before returning home to Indiana where he lives on 80 acres with his wife Jan and family. Tim Grimm and The Family Band perform and tour in the United States and Europe. The band includes Tim, Jan, and two sons, all of whom are professional musicians. Tim’s album, THE BACK FIELDS, was named Americana Album of the Year by the Just Plain Folks Music Awards– the world’s largest independent music awards.

Workshop: Finding the Song
Tim Grimm songwriting workshop

Songwriting is often a mysterious process that defies explanation, and in some ways can’t be “taught”. Inspiration is more important than technique. As writers, we draw from experience, observation, prompts (or “assignments”), dreams and literature. We don’t create in a vacuum, we write based on all that we’ve taken in to this point. We must be historians, actors, editors, listeners and directors. Tim will explore these sources of inspiration — and others– as well as the roles we play in writing a song- in this workshop, FINDING THE SONG.