Trebbe Johnson is the author of The World Is a Waiting Lover101 Ways to Make Guerrilla Beauty, and the forthcoming Radical Joy for Hard Times. She is the founder of Radical Joy for Hard Times, a global network devoted to finding and making beauty in wounded places. A lifelong adventurer in inner and outer worlds, Trebbe speaks four languages; has camped alone in the Arctic; led a vigil in a clear-cut forest; and worked as an artist’s model, a street sweeper in an English village, and an award-winning multimedia producer. She lives in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Workshop: The Truth of Myth

Although the word myth is often used to mean “falsehood,” themes from the myths of many cultures can have a profound relevance to our modern lives. In this workshop, we’ll explore how some of the patterns, allies, monsters, and pathways of universal myths can guide us through complex personal and even cultural dilemmas. You’ll construct a myth for a particular challenge in your own life and have an opportunity to share it orally with another person, in the way of the ancient bards.

 Radical Joy for Hard Times