A Portrait in Data

Giorgia Lupi is an award-winning information designer. She co-founded Accurat, a data-driven firm with offices in Milan and New York, where she is the design Director of the firm. She earned a PhD in design at Politecnico di Milano. She is co-author of Dear Data, an aspirational hand-drawn data visualization book based on postcards that has been acquired recently as part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Drawing a Self Portrait in Data

Can you paint a picture of yourself in data? In this workshop, you’ll answer thought-provoking questions about your ideas and your thoughts, and you will draw a data-driven portrait of yourself. Thinking beyond the hackneyed forms of data visualization — bar graphs and linear timelines — we’ll dream up other ways to turn statistics into a story. Your hand-drawn data portrait will be your way to begin reclaiming and recycling your personal information. It’s a creative and yet meditative activity that will get you closer to your personal information. This is a creative and meditative activity that will get you closer to your inner self and connect with others in an unexpected way.