2019 Theme and Schedule

“Refugees and Immigrants: Who are They and Who am I?”

In 2019 The Gathering will consider “Refugees and Immigrants: Who are They and Who am I?” We will discuss why many Americans, most of whom are descended from immigrants or refugees, favor closing the door on them now. We will look at statistics that tell the truth about immigrants’ cultural and economic contributions to the United States, immigrants and crime rates, and whether Americans have a special responsibility to take in people whose lives have been threatened in their homelands. Speakers include Gail Carson Levine, an award-winning children’s author and poet, who will talk about the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492; Ilya Kaminsky, an award-winning poet and immigrant from Russia; and others who have been refugees or immigrants, or who work on their behalf.

Watch for more information to be added!