Milad Yousufi

Milad Yousufi is the first Western composer influenced by the culture of Afghanistan, where he was born in 1995 during the Afghan revolution. He also is a pianist, vocalist, conductor, poet, painter, and calligrapher. At age 12, after the Taliban rule ended, he taught painting and studied at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, where he later taught piano, music theory, and a course on Sibelius. As a teenager, he was offered the opportunity to study in Germany, where he won a piano competition. He has traveled and performed since in Europe and the United States, where he won a full scholarship to the Mannes School of Music at the New School in New York. He has performed widely in the USA, including at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the New England Conservatory. He has composed music for the New York Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, The Refugee Orchestra Project, the Kronos Quartet, Music Worcester, and others.

Music from My Two Homelands (Part of Invocation)