Trebbe Johnson is the author of Radical Joy for Hard Times: Finding Meaning and Making Beauty in Earth’s Broken Places, The World Is a Waiting Love: Desire and the Quest for the Beloved, 101 Ways to Make Guerrilla Beauty, and many articles and essays that explore our human bond with nature and our mythic search for meaning. She is founder and director of the global community Radical Joy for Hard Times, devoted to finding and making beauty in wounded places. Trebbe speaks four languages; has camped alone in the Arctic wilderness; studied classical Indian dance; and worked as an artist’s model, a street sweeper in an English village, and an award-winning multimedia producer. She has led contemplative journeys in a clear-cut forest, Ground Zero in New York, the Sahara Desert, and other places. She lives in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Moving with the Ancestors

In this workshop we’ll tap into the sufferings, successes, and hopes of our ancestors and ask How does Who they were affect Who I am today?

Human beings have been on the move for at least 70,000 years, ever since our very, very distant ancestors began migrating from East Africa. All of us, even Native Americans, are related to women and men who have come to where they settled from someplace else. For many of us, the impetus that “moved” our ancestors to set off into the unknown in search of a better life remains a force in the decisions we make for ourselves.

Together we’ll travel a bit of the path our ancestors tamped down for us by:

• creating an altar or focal point to honor the many places they came from
• choosing one of these ancestors with whom to take a meditative solo walk on the Keystone campus
• sharing the fruits of the walk through spontaneous writing
• and getting back the gift of those words in a memorable way