Ilya Kaminsky was born in Odessa, in the former USSR, and came to America in 1993, when his family was granted asylum by the US government in order to get Ilya treatment for deafness. His most recent book, Deaf Republic, will be released in March, 2019. He also is the author of Dancing In Odessa, which won the American Academy of Arts and Letters’ Metcalf Award, Whiting Writers Award, Lannan Fellowship and other honors. That book was translated into Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Romanian, Russian, French and several other languages, and various editions appeared all over the world. Ilya has also co-edited Ecco Anthology of International Poetry (Harper Collins) which is widely used as a textbook in universities in the USA and abroad. He has also co-edited and translated a number of other critically acclaimed volumes. Ilya currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Textures of Poetic Language
How do the poets learn from other poets? Who should be our models? How do poets, across many time-periods and traditions, speak to each other? What can we learn about tools of poetic craft from overhearing their conversations?
In this workshop, we will ask these and many other questions while paying very close attention to each other’s work. Please purchase and read Ecco Anthology of International Poetry (Harper Collins) & bring it with you to class. It will serve as a guiding text for our conversation. Also, please bring  12 copies of your poem to our first class session.