Thank You to Our Sponsors & Donors

We at The Gathering are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported us. Your gifts have meant that year after year we could continue to invite artists, scientists, and imaginative people from all disciplines to come to Keystone College and inspire us through lectures, panels, discussions, conversations, performances, and workshops. We thank you for all your generosity.


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Mr. William E., II and Mrs. Kathy Aubrey
Mr. Dorrance and Mrs. Susan Belin
Mr. William ’13 and Mrs. Maureen Bender
Berkshire Asset Management, LLC
Dr. Edward G., Jr. ’13H and Mrs. Regina ‘13H Boehm
Mr. Curt Bogart and Ms. Amy Broadbent
Mr. Peter Q. and Mrs. Sally Bohlin
Mr. William and Mrs. Valerie Bonacci
*Ms. Jeanne Bovard
Mr. F. Warren, Jr. and *Mrs. Carol Fells Breig
Dr. Stephen J. and Dr. Ellen M. Casey
Ms. Ann Chamberlin
Mr. William L. Chamberlin, Jr. and Ms. Kathryn J. LeSoine ’72
Mr. James C. Clark and Mr. Robert E. Grindle
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Joelyn Condron
Mrs. Marilyn Costa
Mr. Jonathan Lees Davis ’80 and Mrs. Jill Rathbun
Ms. Susan Scranton Dawson
Mr. Donald r. and Mrs. Carol Nelson Dembert
Mr. Mark DeStefano
Mr. David and Mrs. Gail Dickstein
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Nancy Dressel
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Linda Fantuzzi
Mr. L.P. and Mrs. Amanda Frieder
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Laura Frieder
Ms. Esther K. Friedmann
Mr. Mortimer B., III and Mrs. Susan Fuller
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, Inc.
Mr. George W. ’56 and Mrs. Eleanore Ginader
Ms. Kathleen Graff
Mr. Daniel and Dr. Meghan Haggerty
Mr. James and Mrs. Gloria Heffernan
Mr. Victor Gramigna and Mr. Frank G. Robertson
Mr. Wayne M. Harley and Ms. Suzanne Fisher ’65 Staples
Mr. David and Mrs. ann Hawk
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Kathleen M. Hoffer
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Adrienne Horger
Mr. Robert ‘57 and Mrs. Mary Lu Fries ’59 Kagler
Mrs. Violet Kelly
Keystone College
Mr. Richard ’96 and *Kathleen ’96 Krebs
Mr. Gerald T. and Dr. Frances G. Langan
Mr. John R. Jr., and Mrs. Diane Lenahan
Ms. Gretchen Ludders ’72
Mrs. Dorothy DeWitt Mackie ‘51
Mr. Gregory Maguire
Mrs. Sally W. Marquardt
Mr. Donald Matteson
Dr. Sharon Meagher
Mrs. Barbara Monick
Dr. Gino Mori ’52
Mr. John S. Morrison ’67
Mr. Peter Moylan Jr.
Attorney Morey and Mrs. Sondra Gelb Myers
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Mary Nalevanko
Mr. Karl O. Neuroth and Mrs. Diane Paparo ’76
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Margaretta Niles
Mrs. Jane Oppenheim
The Oppenheim Foundation
Mr. John Palumbo
Dr. Lee and Mrs. Emily Rancier
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Charlotte Ravaioli
Mrs. Mary Belin Rhodes
The Ross Family Foundation
Mr. James A. ’57 and Mrs. Gloria A. Ross
RPA Associates
Mrs. Mary Sieminski
Dr. Russell and Mrs. Rosalind Stahl
Dr. Thomas G. and Mrs. JoAnn Speicher
Ms. Louisa Stone
Mr. Robert ’75 and Mrs. Maureen R. Swartley
Mr. William and Mrs. Loraine M. Tersteeg
Mr. James and Mrs. Sharon Vipond
Atty. Jonathan Vipond, III and Mr. Timothy Bunner
Mrs. Goldye Weinberger
Dr. Timothy and Dr. Gretchen Welby
Mr. Paul ’71 and Mrs. Cathy Wendlowski
Mr.James and Mrs. Maria Wilson
Dr. Midori Yamanouchi

*Donors in Memorium

Promotion funded in part by the Wyoming County Room Tax Fund and the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau.