Reading List

The Gathering Team has selected the following books you might want to read before coming to this year’s symposium. All were written by Gathering speakers. Happy reading!  These books are not required reading, but reading them will enhance your enjoyment of speakers’ presentations.

The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre, by Gail Carson Levine.

Publisher’s Weekly says: “Perry’s struggle to reconcile her father’s love for her with his deep hatred of the Bamarre resonates, as does her burgeoning and nuanced definition of strength. Her growing awareness of prejudice and ethnocentrism is insightful and believable; readers will easily connect her journey to their own experiences.”


I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen, by Sylvie Simmons

Amazon Review: “This major in-depth biography is the book Cohen’s fans have been waiting for. Acclaimed writer/journalist Sylvie Simmons has interviewed more than 100 figures from Cohen’s life and work, including his main muses; the women in his life. … Cohen, notoriously private, has granted interviews himself. Thoroughly researched and thoughtful, penetrating and lively, fascinating and revealing of stories and facts never read before … “




Who Said, by Jennifer Michael Hecht

“Walls rise and fall,” Hecht reminds us. But her book ought to be read by anyone who has experienced feelings of depression or meaninglessness, as it helps beg the question:  … how am I going to feel later when it comes down to it even more, and am I prepared to deal with that? Hecht’s answer is an exhilarating yes, a charge uphill that contextualizes our small existences while painting them part of something that, as it is figured out in increments, can yield more elaborate and illuminating mysteries.” – John Deming on Coldfront‘s Top 40 of 2013


Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution: How the Integral Worldview is Transforming Politics, Culture and Spirituality, by Steve McIntosh

“This is a very thoughtful, informed and readable book. It will be of great interest to anyone interested in the future of civilization, the planet and the universe itself. It demonstrates wide familiarity with the natural sciences, developmental psychology, political thought, philosophy and spiritual traditions. It is the short of synthesis that we can all profit from as we face the next century.” Amazon review