2017 Theme & Schedule


“Finding the Better Angels of Our Nature”


In 2017 we will explore ways to find common ground among bitter rivals. Ideological differences in religion, politics, ethics, race, and the arts and sciences have deeply divided Americans, and have come to characterize our culture.  Our aim is to find ways to restore respect and acceptance among us and to reconnect ours with the best ideals of our country.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Time Event Location
10:30 am Registration Evans Atrium
11:00 am Smoothies on the Green Blue Stone Patio
12:00 pm Welcome, Invocation  Evans Hall
12:45 pm Lunch Main Dining Room
1:30 pm Steve McIntosh  Evans Hall
3:00 pm Workshops* TBA
5:20 pm Wine Reception
Fireplace Lounge
6:00 pm Dinner  Evans Hall
7:30 pm Mara Liasson  Evans Hall
*Workshops: Hecht, Shavin, Simmons, Garcia-Barrio/Wisniewski  (see Workshops page for descriptions.)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time Event Location
7:00 am Yoga  TBA
7:30 am Breakfast  Main Dining Room
9:15 am Poems/ Announcements  Evans Hall
9:30 am Jennifer Michael Hecht  Evans Hall
11:00 am Ellen Carroll  Evans Hall
12:15 pm Lunch  Main Dining Room
1:30 pm Bill Carter  Evans Hall
3:00 pm Workshops*  TBA
5:30 pm Wine Reception  Fireplace Lounge
6:15 pm Dinner  Evans Hall
7:30 pm Sylvie Simmons  Evans Hall
8:45 pm Book Signing  Evans Hall
*Workshops:  Levine,  McIntosh, Carter, Creegan (See Workshops page for descriptions.)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Time Event Location
7:00 am Yoga  TBA
7:30 am Light Breakfast  Fireplace Lounge
9:00 am Poems, announcements  Evans Hall
9:15 am Panel – Chan, Pullo, Manning, McGurl  Evans Hall
11:15 am Brunch, Benediction, Farewell  Evans Hall